Oral Hygiene Dentist in New Jersey


Hygiene - Where Dental Health Begins

Good oral hygiene habits begin with regular dental checkups. At Sun Dental we recommend a cleaning and examination every six months (for most patients).
Adult appointments will take approximately 45 minutes and will include:
1. Ultrasonic cleaning as well as hard scaling
2. Polishing of teeth
3. Oral Hygiene instruction
4. Digital x-rays as needed
5. Oral cancer screening
6. Periodontal screening
Children's appointments usually begin when your child is approximately two and a half years old. Whether it is your child's first visit, or he/she has had previous dental experiences, we make sure the visit is fun and stress-free. Children's visits feature the same procedures as adults, but also include:
1. Counting teeth
2. Applying topical fluoride (vitamins) to teeth.
In some cases the application of sealants (protective coatings) over newly formed adult teeth may be recommended by your hygienist or dentist to better protect your child's teeth against cavities.