Oral Surgery & Wisdom Tooth Extractions in New Jersey

When you hear the words oral surgery, you may think of a hospital setting, general anesthesia, and one or more days in recovery from this type of dental procedure; but you might be surprised to know what is actually considered oral surgery in dentistry. Many procedures done in a general dental office are considered oral surgery and patients that require such procedures are booked for the procedure without the inconvenience of being put on a waiting list for treatment.
The most recognized form of oral surgery is tooth extraction. Reasons for tooth extraction can range from:
  • Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Teeth beyond repair either from tooth decay, root fracture, or trauma
  • Primary teeth that have failed to fall out, preventing the eruption of permanent teeth
Orthodontic treatment plans may require the removal of some teeth to achieve the optimum result.

Our dentists have vast experience in all phases of oral surgery and will make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Detection and Treatment of Diseases

Over 34,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer resulting in 8,000 deaths, in this year alone. Our dentists are highly skilled when it comes to detecting oral cancer, as the signs of this devastating disease typically go unnoticed and are not easily detected. If our dentists discover something suspicious in an area of the mouth, face, neck or jaw that may have an underlying problem, a biopsy may be performed to further diagnose a possible condition. A biopsy is usually a surgical procedure that is used to remove a piece of tissue in an area of the body that is suspected as being diseased. Oral surgery is commonly used to treat oral cancer, and may be used as a combination treatment with radiation therapy.