Sedation Dentist & Painless Dentistry in New Jersey

Keep your anxiety in check with the comprehensive sedation services we provide to our patients at our office in Toms River, New Jersey. Sun Dental offers conscious (IV) sedation for any dental procedure to make your experience more comfortable and stress-free.

Conscious sedation is achieved through the intravenous administration of sedation medication, much like an endoscopy. You will undergo the treatment unaware of the process and completely pain free. Intravenous sedation provides a continually administered and monitored care for all your dental procedures.

Multiple Advantages

There are multiple advantages to conscious sedation, some of which are listed here. The procedure:
  • Saves Time — More procedures can be completed during each visit, reducing your number of appointments.
  • Reduces Stress — Safe & effective medications, such as versed, fentanyl, & valium, help reduce anxiety.
  • Eliminates Pain — Conscious sedation provides an alternative for pain-free treatment when novocaine is ineffective.
  • Eliminates Gagging — The sedation prevents uncomfortable gagging from occurring during your procedure.

For Your Information

Conscious Sedation as Part of your Procedure: Before your actual treatment begins, we administer the appropriate medications intravenously and continuously monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. Additional medications are given as needed throughout your procedure, so there is little chance for pain or discomfort. Additional options for dental sedation include nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

Other Options for Sedation

Oral Sedation with sleeping pills and other sedative medications and nitrous oxide provides a comfortable experience for those with less apprehension but still want a relaxing experience.

Hospital Dentistry is available for patients with certain medical conditions or developmental disabilities that are best managed in the hospital setting.

Nitrous Oxide is another option that we offer. This option provides sedation for the mildly apprehensive patient.

Children who are a little afraid can be managed with liquid sedatives and nitrous oxide.

How to Prepare for Treatment Day

First and foremost, don't be anxious about your procedure, as it will be pain free. Try to get adequate rest the night before your visit, and follow these instructions carefully:
  • Do not eat or drink anything for six hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes and a short-sleeved shirt.
  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • Keep one fingernail short and polish free.
  • Bring a responsible adult who will drive you home and stay with you for six hours after treatment.
Make dental visits a pleasurable experience with sedation dentistry from our practice.